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Fitness Services are as follows:

powerfit (60 Minutes)

Private training session designed to clients’ fitness levels and desired goals. Cardiovascular and Strength training routines are done in super-sets, tri-sets, and giant-sets to encourage maximum fat burning and lean muscle growth. Plyometrics involving jumping and/or explosive movements may also be performed depending on fitness level/goals.

  • $40 for 60 minutes, studio rate
  • Mobile training starting at $70 for powerfit per session in Long Beach area.

fit for 2 or fit for 3 (60 Minutes)

Group training session designed for two or three clients and created based on their fitness levels and desired goals.

  • $50 for 2 people OR $60 for 3 people, studio rate. ($20 per person for 4 or more persons)
  • Mobile training starting at $100 for fit for 2 per session and $120 for fit for 3 per session in Long Beach area.

spark (30 Minutes)

One-on-one circuit training, exclusively with Nicole Moore. Limited on time? Perfect! Make no excuses. There are 168 hours in a week, so carve out a half an hour to jump start your fitness routine and get a good sweat! Contact us today to begin your spark!

  • $25 for 30 minutes, studio rate


circuit training: strength & cardio (60 Minutes)

This training session is a 60 minutes body toning & sculpting series specifically for women using a regimen that mixes body weight, free-weight, yoga, Pilates, and plyometric exercises. Each class meet weekdays. To prevent boredom, each class has a different format, yet targets the entire body. Four – eight persons per class.

    • $15 per person, per class, GMF studio rate; Contact Nicole Moore for details @ (310)720-6426. Or to view the upcoming schedule and to register, download and enroll on the MINDBODY app:

youth sports conditioning (60 Minutes)

Individual and group training coached by Barry Moore. This features 60 minutes of high energy and explosive plyometrics combined with strength training. The session is specialized and utilizes more equipment, such as free weights, cardio machines, weight vests, plyo boxes, and is performed in a Boot Camp environment incorporating multiple exercises layered upon another. Athletes are positively motivated and challenged mentally as well as physically to accomplish their goals. This is NOT for the recreational young athlete. Only young athletes seeking to train like a collegiate athlete or above should consider this. Training conducted either one-on-one for maximum intensity, in small groups of 2-4 to spread the cost/pain, or conducted with your team to increase their fitness/mental toughness.

  • $40 per hour – 1 athlete; $50 – 2 athletes; $60 – 3 athletes ($20 per athlete x 3 – 10 athletes), studio rate; Contact Barry Moore for details and availability.


pantry sweep

This is a nutritional workshop designed to educate the client on proper dietary choices and to promote a healthier lifestyle. Topics discussed include Food Reality Check, Serving Sizes, Caloric Intake, and Food Label Education. This hands-on honest look at the products in your refrigerator, freezer, and cabinets in order to assess and review the quality of your food environment. This workshop is up to 2 hours, and gives you the chance to have your pantry evaluated by a fitness coach.

  • $100 local rate (call for areas outside of Long Beach)

fit shop

This is a nutritional session with the purpose of helping you make better choices when you shop. Here is your opportunity to get your own personal expert to accompany you during a trip to the grocery store! Learn hands-on how to make the right food choices based on your health, fitness, and nutritional goals. This service goes great with the Pantry Sweep! This workshop is up to 2 hours, plenty of time to get a solid understanding of the nutrition labels!

  • $100 local rate (call for areas outside of Long Beach)

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