Fit Lifestyle Coaching

In addition to personalized training and fitness services and classes, we also provide individualized guidance on how to make lifestyle changes and improvements that help establish new healthy habits, and serve to ensure success in reaching your goals.


Upon request, clients have the option to track their progress at any time.

  • Weigh-ins are provided upon request and free of charge to GetMooreFitness clients.

Guidance Counseling

This one hour to 90 minutes session is designed to help clients evaluate their current nutritional and lifestyle choices that potentially sabotage their weight loss efforts. Attention is given to a review of food journals, assessment of exercise and sleep routines, and a development of a plan of action for making positive changes to achieve maximum health benefits and to reach desired fitness goals.

  • $70 for a 1-hour consultation; $100 for 90 minutes.

Pantry Sweep

This is a nutritional workshop designed to educate the client on proper dietary choices and to promote a healthier lifestyle. Topics discussed include Food Reality Check, Serving Sizes, Caloric Intake, and Food Label Education. This hands-on honest look at the products in your refrigerator, freezer, and cabinets in order to assess and review the quality of your food environment. This workshop is up to 2 hours, and gives you the chance to have your pantry evaluated by a fitness coach.

  • $200 local rate (call for areas outside of Long Beach)

Fit Shop

This is a nutritional session with the purpose of helping you make better choices when you shop. Here is your opportunity to get your own personal expert to accompany you during a trip to the grocery store! Learn hands-on how to make the right food choices based on your health, fitness, and nutritional goals. This service goes great with the Pantry Sweep! This workshop is up to 2 hours, plenty of time to get a solid understanding of the nutrition labels!

  • $200 local rate (call for areas outside of Long Beach)