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barrynnicoleEstablished in Southern California in the Fall of 2000, getmoorefitness focuses more than just the physical aspect of fitness, but also the personalized services that support your overall health and fitness. With a variety of service options including personal or group training, sports-specific conditioning for all ages, and nutritional counseling to serve as your compass, getmoorefitness ensures you get everything you need to make a stronger and healthier you.  Our certified coaches will work one-on-one with you to design a customized fitness plan tailored to meet your goals and fit into your lifestyle. Serving many dozens of happy and healthy clients for nearly 17 years in both Los Angeles and Orange Counties, our goal and priority is always YOU. We strive not only to educate you on how to attain a balanced lifestyle, but achieve realistic health and fitness goals. So whether you are new to exercise or a competitive marathoner/triathlete we are here to coach you. With getmoorefitness, you are with family.

getmoorefitness was built on the exceptional customer satisfaction principles Barry Moore delivered while at American Honda Motor Corporation. Barry Moore served as District Service Manager for Los Angeles Metro, largest district for AHMC worldwide. He successfully led his team of 14 dealerships for over three years to top the Total Satisfaction Index and Fixed First Visit. Barry worked to build relationships at the corporate and dealer level; listened to customer/employee input; and took action to increase customer satisfaction and improve the Brand Image.

Spring 2000 led Barry into an opportunity to star in a BOWFLEX fitness machine commercial. This opened the door into personal training, and pursuing fitness as a lifestyle. Barry had always been into exercising and incorporated it into his work as District Manager. The opportunity arose for Barry to leave American Honda and to venture into starting his own personal training business. The idea was simple…deliver the best training available through sticking to what he believes in – the client!

getmoorefitness is committed to getting each client to reach their health and fitness goals. The direction we take to get there is the same… strategic planning, hard work, sound nutrition, and a large amount of fun. There’s no cookie-cutting or one-size-fits-all approach. Each session is personalized for you and designed to keep the experience engaging, dynamic and exciting- a standard like no one else in the industry. Whether you have an auto-immune condition (diabetes, lupus, chronic fatigue, etc), arthritis, knee or hip replacement, don’t let that hold you back from a healthier and fit life. If you’re ready to work with a trainer who is passionate about getting results, make time…not excuses. Contact us today for a complimentary phone or in-person consultation.

You will find no other trainers that care for you more than at getmoorefitness. Our passion for what we do shows daily. Our creativity to coach you towards your goals never stops. You try. We try. We are in this together. getmoorefitness.

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